Monday, 21 October 2013

Slightly un-PC....

So once again this week I've been busy with both teaching and photography. A friend of mine invited me to come take pictures of his band while they played at shibuya REX! It was great fun, but after suffering through a deafening live with a headache, I was feeling like dying once I left.
Here are a few of the snaps!

Yeah...I know what they are wearing, and concerns have been voiced to the guys, who were actually pretty surprised to hear how offensive it might come across as. A lot of people here don't quite realise the connotation that has with foreigners.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Trip to Yamanashi

Towards the end of August me and the boyfriend headed off to Yamanashi prefecture to his hometown! The aim of the short stay was to watch the famous fire festival in Fujiyoshida and to meet his family, both of which were really fun.

We tripped around during the daytime and drank with friends and family in the evenings, visiting Kawaguchiko and nice places around the city, a huge big ice cave which stays below freezing inside even during the scorching japanese summer, a brief drive through the edge of Aokigahara, a trip up the little cable car close to the lake, and of course..the festival!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I hate backlighting.

Just some recent work done in Nakano.
For those of you who don't know, photography is my hobby and slowly turning into my part time job here in Japan.

Regardless of that! Please enjoy Clayna Cake. These guys are my friends and awesome nice people. If you ever get a chance to catch them live i recommend it. Not visual kei, but they certainly put on a good show and you can find them most times playing around Shimokitazawa area of Tokyo!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Oh how I miss home cooked food.

Last week i was lucky enough to beable to hang out with some awesome people, and I feel so spoiled. My friend Nina from Slovakia is staying with me right now, and we both hauled ass down to Kichijoji (I work there so for me it was easy to just meet up after my shift finished) and got treated to some amazing home food by Nina's adoptive mama here in tokyo.

Korean BBQ and good company. What more could I ask for!

Long time no see.

Recently I finally managed to meet up with someone i haven't seen in almost a year! For whatever reasons, both work and life have been getting in the way, but now the busiest time of year seems to have passed for the both of us, meeting up is going to be much easier!

I travelled down to machida city to hang out this week. My first time in this city, and it's a good meeting point for both of us, seeing as we now live almost 2 hours apart! Machida was nice, much busier than I expected and with a huge 109 department store too. Before heading somewhere to eat, we wandered through tower records and a guitar store (seeing as he plays guitar we were there ages while he drooled over his dream items). After we were done with musical fangirling we headed to a cheap izakaya for some relaxed food and a couple of beers, ending the evening with iced tea! I was thankful that day wasn't so humid, because right now in japan the weather is disgusting, especially in tokyo, it feels like you're never cool and constantly sticky. Not nice!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dinner time.

So me and the other half spent a day in the park yesterday. It was damn hot and yoyogi was nice and breezy, so we didnt cook under the trees. After that we went to sit in an izakaya for a couple of hours while we waited for my friend to arrive from the airport! Her flight was delayed so we were there for longer than planned, but it was nice because they gave us free alcohol since it's Jun's birthday this month. Nice huh?

He hates having his photo taken just like me, so forgive the grumpy face.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Party time 2

I guess this doesn't need any explanation this time. Same izakaya, more people, more drunken mayhem. Sorry the pics aren't so good this time, I didn't take my camera so these are leeched from my friends.