Sunday, 27 May 2012

Brand Series: Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts Tokyo first opened its doors in December 1999 as the first and only Chrome Hearts boutique in Japan. On April 26th, this location will reopen as the brand new flagship store.

Since its inception in 1999, the concept of Chrome Hearts Tokyo has always been make yourself at home. “Over the years, we began to feel that we’d like to take this concept even further,” said Richard Stark, the designer and founder of Chrome Hearts. “Along with the Chrome Hearts family and staff, we wanted to actualize and extend the Chrome Hearts world, and to share the ‘at home’ feeling we cultivated internally with everyone.” After 2 years of development, the innovative re-creation of Chrome Hearts Tokyo is complete.

The new space has expanded over 2,000-square-feet from its original size and now occupies 7,000-square-feet in the Aoyama shopping district, making it the largest of all existing Chrome Hearts stores around the world.

 A brand often favoured by musicians, Chrome hearts is an american brand but their store in Tokyo is just STUNNING. A must visit for anyone looking to see some amazing jewelry and interior design when in Japan but still keep a bit of the vk vibe! I'm still saving up to buy something from them (be warned, it's EXPENCIVE) but I'm sure it will be worth every penny.
And yes...they do have a basketball court inside for a band to play too. 

You can buy chrome hearts in store and across various online stores all over the world.


I thought I'd try something different today and start bringing things other than fashion into my blog. So we're having a look at some Japanese artists! I love guro, manga and art, and Yock was an artist who was introduced to me recently by a friend of mine.

Yock (Yoshitaka Kawakami) has produced some amazing CG pieces of disturbing school girls. I see these floating around tumblr every so often, and his skill always amazes me. Currently his website has been removed...I'm not sure what happened there and if anyone else has info it would be appreciated!

Monday, 7 May 2012

May inspirations!

So first of all you can have a wonderful picture of my face lol. Then we'll be onto the inspirations for this month! Not all will be fashion, I warn you now! I hope you're all doing well at the moment, I've certainly had an amusing couple of weeks...stressful with work, but also really entertaining ahah.