Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Sho makes me realize that there's nothing wrong with wearing nothing but black. I should stop trying to change myself and my style. I may have to wear a suit for work, but that doesn't mean I should change the rest to better fit in with 'appropriate' styles, to be more 'feminine' and wear colours I don't feel comfortable in.

Screw them all.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Some big and scary changes.

Sorry for not writing much recently, but I've had a lot to think about over the past few weeks. Trips back and forth to London, interviews, paperwork, waiting..waiting..waiting..

I had my official job offer last Monday!
I'll be working for one of the big chain Eikaiwa (english conversation schools) in Japan starting between Feb/March 2013.

Now it's onto more waiting....

I sent my visa paperwork off earlier this week along with copies of all the documents they need to process it. It was surprisingly less work than I first thought, but hey, they do the hard work at their end. The whole thing should take between 4 - 6 weeks, and I'll be waiting for them to send me a CoE (certificate of eligibility) which I then have to take to London along with my Passport for them to stamp my work visa into. Only once this is complete will I get the location I'll be working in.

I now have 3 months left in the UK and it's yet to really hit me. This will be my last christmas with my family for at least 2 years. I am terrified and excited all at the same time. From here on I'll be keeping you all regularly updated on my move to Japan and all the shit in between. 

For now I have to work out what the hell I should be taking with me....