Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tattooing in Japan

Most people know about the stigma attached to tattoos in Japan, but I'm not here to talk about that today. If you want to know more, then head over to google! What I will be talking about though, is where to go in Tokyo if you want a tattoo. Some places you can rely on to give you an intimate and amazing service without you having to worry about being fobbed off or refused for being a foreigner. (Not that places would, but the language barrier creates problems, especially when dealing with something like tattooing).

1. Scratch Addiction.

Scratch Addiction is one of Japan most famous tattoo shops. Located in Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. The shop is quite small but their artwork is good!. They have been home to some of Japan’s top tattoo legends. The artists are able to tattoo any style, and are highly skilled.

They are appointment only and with limited english, but depending on who is in shop depends on how good the conversation is! They are welcoming regardless and eager to help in whatever it is you need.


2. Horizaru.

Horizaru is an appointment only, custom only shop. He is amazingly skilled at Japanese neo-traditional work. The tattoos are beautiful, artistic, and is highly recommended by many
people in the tattoo industry. His website runs in both English and Japanese, so take your pick!


3. Studio Muscat.

Small Shibuya based tattoo shop with a female artist. She is renowned for her black and grey work and has a large client base. Her website is easy to navigate and Asao herself is ver
y friendly! Take a look and see what you think, she can do any style but favours stronger line work.


I'll add more to this list at some point when I find out some good information, but for now, it's just these select few. If anyone else has any experiences they would like to share then feel free to comment!


Sami Spoon said...

Thanks for the info :)

アリ☆ぴんぴ娘 said...

I love Asao's black and grey work. It's super clear, usually they come across as "foggy" - even as a fresh tattoo.
Totally would consider her work if I were to get a tattoo in Japan. Great info!

Anonymous said...

When my friends and I went to Japan in December/January, one of my female friends got a little stick for her tattoos, but the older women seemed to love them, for some reason haha! We managed to visit a tattoo parlour there in Shibuya, I can't remember the name, but it was pretty awesome!

Nice post :)

K said...

Having several tattoos myself, I feel Ruby there. She has more than me but still XD. It gets you looks.
I'm still determined to get my next done by Horizaru. It's a dream of mine haha. It's too early to say it will be this summer, but I'm hoping next year once I'm there long term.


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