Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Snap Snap. Date night in Pictures.

I took a short trip to Akihabara during the day (It was PACKED. Thanks Comiket) I agreed to go meet Chibi after he finished work. So a good wait on the Ginza line took me down to Gaienmai station (Close to Harajuku) where I was to wait for 8pm. I arrived there at about 7:45, so I took a few minutes to linger around the area (not that exciting...) while I waited. The boy arrived at about 8:10 and propmtly dragged me off to Takeshita dori, walking up from the bottom and crossing up onto the main shopping area from the Laforet side. We went to take purikura first before anything else, wanting to get there before the place closed (no need to rush in the end, it was open until 11pm ^^;; ) I'll scan them and upload them when I do the rest of the ones I took on the trip! After that, we headed up towards the subway station and to a cute little Izakaya. I've never come across these computers before (we always had a server at other Izakaya) but Chibi dutifully explained what was where. All we needed to do was press what we wanted and someone brought it over. (We need more of these in the UK!) Beer, Ray fish, Chicken and Tuna fish. (Yummy) It was a cute, chilled night, but I voted to go back to the hostel instead of spend the night in Sagamihara (Down near Machida), because I had plans for the next day. It was really bizarre sitting on an empty train platform at almost midnight...spooky....


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