Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer memories 2012

Following my friend Ali over at VIVA☆DREAMER this post is about 'Summer Memories'! 

I have to say, this summer has been one of the best I've had. This year so many exciting things have happened and been put in motion, with more to come yet too! It's hard to list exactly what I enjoyed the most, but most of them circled around those first two weeks in August.

1. Seeing a side to Japan I've never experienced thanks to the Boys and Ku.
2. 飲み会! and the friends that we made through them.
3. Hanabi! Watching fireworks and sitting in a park eating festival Yakisoba with friends.
4. Neputa! Wearing Yukata and seeing the floats and Taiko in Hirosaki and Aomori. Amazing.
5. Getting to work with a Japanese band. Kiryu's manager is terrifying. 
5. Finally getting things sorted out for next year and the big move!

 Overall I've had an amazing summer, and now heading into September even more exciting things are to come. I have the final stage of my ECC interviews at the end of the month and I'm busy studying for my test! Wish me luck!


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