Saturday, 21 January 2012

Brand series! - Monomania.

So after a good bit of thinking, I decided to come up with a mini series of posts to fill space in my blog, and hopefully make it a bit more informative for people to read, rather than just have random posts of my own. It's about time I put more effort into this.
Each of the posts will consist of one brand, but feel free to ask about something you'd like me to look into. Otherwise I'll just keep going with the ones I love the most. My latest trip to Ja
pan will be happening towards the end of the summer I hope, and I wanted to do a more detailed look at my favourite brands before I leave, then I can show you all the gets when I get back.

First up!


Official Site





Monomania is on the 1st basement floor in the La Foret building in Harajuku, Tokyo! The brand has a limited color pallet, reflecting their name, mostly black and white pieces but there's color throw in here and there. A lot of their stuff is oversized and unisex, but there are a few pieces aimed at either male or female, really wearable no matter your size. (We all know how tiny some brands carry their clothes!) they are pretty well priced too, even more so if you catch them when they're having a sale (like now!).

Now onto some snaps. See if you can spot the brands signature print.


Tobi ^_^ said...

OMG THE SECOND PICTURE! I NEED THAT OUTFIT! <3 X yay super looking forward to this serious! makes a change from all the same old lens reviews ^_^ <3 xxxx

Ande said...

I've heard of Monomania before, but I'm just now growing to like the brand. Their signature bear terrifies me... but it's so cute also D:

I never made it to La Foret in Harajuku (damnit). I also have trouble buying j-fashion online so I suppose I'll just wait until I go back to check them out further.

Nana said...

Wow! The style looks so cute ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Yaaay! I love Monomania <3, I bought one of their eyeball rings from the La Foret branch when we were there over Christmas 8D! Nice post!

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