Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brand series! - SIXh.

"After receiving positive stimulation from collaborations with world-class charismatic visual kei artists. h.NAOTO started the “h.ism” project based on the theme of co-existence between fashion and music. As one of the results of the project, in 2007 the collaboration between the young fashion design duo IBI and MINT, “SIXh.” is born.
In 2010, with designer MIKA in the lead, SIXh.’s ladies collection “MelT” brand has joined SIXh.’s lineup. With gorgeous butterflies and roses as the main motifs, mixed in with sexiness and a devilish cuteness in the MelT style, the IBI Ageha-kei fashion is well on its way of expansion."

Official site.

Webstore 2.

Youtube + IBI's Youtube.


When people mention H.naoto, most think of Hangry and Angry and similar brands within the 'H.naoto' identity, but today I wanted to take a look at Sixh! Starting off as a men's brand primarily, they now produce a female line. They lable the line as 'ghost-kei', a mix of gothic and host-kei, keeping the tailoring popular in both host and a lot of gyaru-o brands and giving it their own individual style. Purples and silvers are a popular accenting color in most of Sixh along with the black/white/grey as you can see in their A/W campaign in the video above, pink does creep into the girls collection though. Mint's collections seem to carry more muted colors though, beige and neutrals seem to be more to his liking.

Both Mint and Ibi have collaborated with popular hosts/models on previous occasions too! (A line named 617.) This was done with 条 誠 (Makoto Ichijyou) and 皐月星七 (Setsuki Sena) from Men's Spider.

Has anyone ever been inside the stand alone H.naoto stores? I think they look amazing inside, even the shop itself is a piece of art!


Ande said...

I've seen 617 before, but never heard of sixh! I would love to check out a store... I wish I could pull of that style ~

Cobalt Glass said...

God those first three images are fashion heaven. Monochrome has such class no matter how you create your style.

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