Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Japan 2012

So today was the day where I finally banked the cash I'd been saving, and then went ahead and booked my flights to Japan for this year! It's been a while since I've been back there (this will be my third visit) and I'm really looking forwards to it. Lots of things have happened over the past few months, and I only decided this week that I was really going to go for it. I'm really glad I have now, and I just need to make sure to keep saving hard between now and then!

I'll be going for the 30th July - 13th August and it's going to be HOT.

Living in Wales we don't get much hot weather, so my summer clothes are almost non-existent, I'm going to have to invest in a couple of outfits I can take, then I can stock up on nice clothes while I'm out there. I plan to spend at least a week in Tokyo itself, and then for a few days I'll be traveling up to Hirosaki to stay with a friend of mine! So I'll get to see a new part of Japan which I've not been to before. My other trips involved Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, Hakone and Tokyo and a few other places, so it will be really nice to travel north and see somewhere different.

Is anyone else planning on visiting Tokyo this year?


Emilie Bailly said...

aw congrats!! I can't wait to see pictures~
If you haven't been in summer before - in drug stores they have lots of Cooling sprays and wipes for your face, if you're interested <3
Ah man, I need to visit other parts of Japan! I have only been to Tokyo and Takarazuka.
I'm going back from June 2th-July 4th though! Just booked an apartment! How are the flight prices at the moment?

K said...

Ah I've been during the summer before, so I'm prepared for the heat! I just need to sort out my wardrobe.

My flight just cost me £540, which is the cheapest I've ever managed to get it!

Sami Spoon said...

Congrats on booking your holiday! :D

Ande said...

I'm hoping to get out there next winter. I don't think I can handle the Japanese summer... I can barely handle a Florida one.

I'm trying to get out to the UK this spring or summer!! Maybe I'll see you XD

みえーちゃん said...

Wow so nice!!
i think i will be going in summer too!
but i guess in may/june/july!
im not so sure about the month yet :)

hope you will have fun!

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